Fundamental principles of the Code of Conduct of AS “LNK Industries”

The company’s Code of Conduct is designed to develop good business practices that are based on fundamental ethical principles and support employees in taking legal and ethical decisions, at the same time providing for continuous growth and development of the company. 

The ethical principles covered by the Code of Conduct are binding to employees in their attitude towards work, in mutual communication, as well as in relations with public and non-governmental institutions, municipalities and cooperation partners.


1. Values of LNK Industries


The company has formulated 8 values that reflect LNK Industries’ understanding of ethical, honest and open business practice:

  • Persistence: if we have committed to complete a task, we will deliver superior performance quality by finding solutions also in seemingly insoluble situations.
  • Openness to challenges: challenges make us grow and makes us stronger – the trickier the task, the greater pleasure to solve it!
  • Professional growth: we do not stop at what we have learned, we master new skills and increase existing knowledge to ensure continuous professional growth of the company and its employees. 
  • Quality without compromise: quality is given top priority, yet is has value only if achieved by ethical, honest and fair conduct and in full compliance with all laws and regulations.
  • Thinking out of the box: non-standard situations cannot be solved by standard methods; therefore, we are creative and always ready to act also outside the comfort zone.
  • Agility: we are capable to adjust to the ever-changing business environment by maintaining our high ethical and quality standards.
  • Reliability: we are a trusted partner to be relied upon the same way as we may rely upon any of our employees.
  • Environment and work safety: we ensure compliance with work safety requirements and care for environmental protection, also by calling upon each of our suppliers to act responsibly and in good faith.


2. Integrity

We welcome honest and open entrepreneurship. Employees of LNK Industries at any step strictly comply with general laws and laws governing the sector as well as internal rules of procedure  operational policy principles. The company regularly informs employees about changes or updates in the legal framework by calling to perform their duties in compliance with effective laws and regulations. Employees have the obligation to report on any violations detected or suspected by using internal reporting systems.   

Documents, data and information that LNK Industries must prepare and submit in accordance with the internal and external rules (for example, annual report, procurement documentation, designing and construction documentation, reports to public authorities etc.), are correct and correspond to the actual situation. Employees are informed that document forfeiture or incorrect presentation of information may constitute a criminal offence. LNK Industries is legally responsible for violations of employees. 


3. Anti-corruption policy

LNK Industries aims to be a stable player and a strong competitor in the construction market. Any order must be obtained in absolutely honest and legal way. This means that LNK Industries:

  • Stands firm against corruption and bribery;
  • Each employee has the obligation to strictly comply with the prohibition of corruption and bribery, and always act in accordance with the company’s position in this matter;
  • Employees may not directly or indirectly, accept, promise or offer gifts in any form whatsoever that potentially might have influence on commercial decisions;
  • Employees must report on violations of the prohibition of corruption and bribery, or suspected violations by using internal reporting systems or directly to law enforcement authorities. Employees are aware that in case of such reporting they will be protected in accordance with the Whistleblowing Law;
  • The company maintains political neutrality and does not materially support any political campaigns, political parties and/or politicians.


4. Competition law

LNK Industries is convinced that one of the pre-conditions of business development is free competition, whereas its restrictions distort the market and undermine economic, social and democratic development. This is why LNK Industries abides by provisions of competition law, which forbid unlawful restrictions of competition, including prohibited agreements, unjustified cooperation with competitors etc. Each employee has the obligation to act in compliance with external and internal provisions of competition law and report on committed or potential violations of competition law, as well as on cases when company’s partners offer to employees prohibited cooperation. Employees are aware that in case of such reporting they will be protected in accordance with the Whistleblowing Law.   


5. Confidentiality and conflicts of interest

The company avoids conflicts between private interests of employees and interests of LNK Industries. To ensure this, employees must inform the company’s management on additional employment and cooperation of any kind with partners or competitors of the company, that fall outside direct duties of employees.

Employees must strictly comply with confidentiality requirements set by the company, particularly regarding external and internal information obtained during preparation of procurements, the company’s financial situation and other financial data related to the company’s operations, personal data processed by the company and other information the unauthorised disclosure of which could cause any harm to the company, subject of the confidential information or any third party.  

Where an employee obtains information on committed or potential violations of confidentiality provisions or conflict of interest, the employee must report this to his or her superior or the company’s management. 


6. Data protection

LNK Industries ensures personal data protection in compliance with effective laws of the Republic of Latvia. The company has developed a publicly available Privacy Policy, as well as internal rules on personal data protection that are binding upon all employees of the company. Any data subject may address personal data protection issues to the Data Protection Officer of LNK Industries.


7. Use of resources to process information

A crucial resource of LNK Industries is our IT infrastructure. Business continuity is ensured by flawless functioning of computer systems, we therefore abide by the following principles:

  • No actions are permitted which impair the operational safety and reliability of the company’s IT infrastructure and thus result in legal, financial and intangible damage for the company;
  • The company’s IT systems (these include e-mails) may never be used for aggressive, offensive, violent purposes, including for creation, display, storage or transmission of pornographic, racist or morally offensive content;
  • The necessary care must be exercised when using the Internet;
  • LNK Industries uses only legally developed and purchased software. Employees of the company are aware that illegal use of software may result in severe legal consequences both for the employee at fault and the company.   


8. Occupational health and safety

We care for occupational health and safety of our employees. The company’s ability to ensure the compliance with occupational health and safety requirements is proven by the certificate on conformity of operations to requirements of standard ISO 45001:20018 “Occupational health and safety management systems” granted to LNK Industries. At LNK Industries, no employee of the company has ever suffered in a serious accident: work safety is one of the company’s top priorities. LNK Industries provides employees with health insurance policies and statutory health examinations, as well as takes care of a pleasant, comfortable and ergonomic work environment for employees.  


9. Social responsibility

For LNK Industries, corporate social responsibility means responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship, care for the environment, modern and development-oriented work environment and contribution to public support measures. Asserting itself as a socially responsible company, LNK Industries implements the following measures:

  • Waste separation at all construction objects of the company, including correct utilisation of dangerous waste, and waste separation at the company’s office (paper, glass, plastic, toners, batteries);
  • Development of environment protection programmes both for the company as a whole and each construction object individually;
  • Development of recommendations for electricity saving and economic driving, communicated to all employees of the company;
  • Development and implementation of detailed employee training programme that ensures professional and personal growth of employees (the programme is updated annually by taking into account needs of employees and the company’s development context);
  • Implemented internal training in environment protection, energy management, fire safety, personal data protection, competition law etc.;
  • The company is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK), the Latvian Employers Confederation (LDDK) and the Partnership of Latvian Constructors, and its representatives take active part in initiatives of these organisations, including by getting involved in taking responsible decisions regarding regulatory framework for the sector;
  • The company has signed the general agreement of the construction sector (a general agreement is a collective agreement between employers and employee of the construction sector that provides for the minimum wage for those working in the construction sector);
  • The company is a longstanding supporter of the Children’s Foundation of Latvia and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, gives donations to the association “Basketbola klubs Jēkabpils”, the foundation “Fund of Science”, the association “” and other public benefit organisations.


10. Cooperation of LNK Industries with suppliers

LNK Industries expects its suppliers (namely, manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors) to have similar values and understanding of ethical, honest and open entrepreneurship and calls upon suppliers to comply with effective laws, including in the area of anti-corruption, taxes, data protection and work safety, as well as to take care for the environment and well-being of their employees. LNK Industries evaluates performance of each of its suppliers and attitude towards good business practices and takes these evaluations into account when planning further cooperation.  


11. Other internal rules

In addition to the Code of Conduct, LNK Industries has developed and presented to all employees of the company the following documents:

  • Privacy Policy;
  • Personal data protection regulation;
  • Internal data processing protection regulations (in video surveillance);
  • Description of the whistleblowing system;
  • Procedure for cooperation with competitors / acceptance of the total price offer;
  • Information technology security policy;
  • Information system continuity and renewal plan,

as well as other internal regulations governing work security, fire safety, environment protection etc. in compliance with external legislation binding upon the sector.   


12. Implementation and performance of the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of LNK Industries is an integral part of documents governing operations of the company and thus it is binding upon all employees of the company. Senior and middle managers by their position and behaviour set an example for employees, as well as consult employees on ethically correct behaviour in uncertain situations.   

The company’s employees are aware that the company’s reputation is built by all employees and each of them is identified with the company.

The company’s management discusses the Code of Conduct at least once a year and evaluates the need to make changes or additions. Employees are informed about changes in the Code of Conduct at the general meeting or by sending information to e-mail addresses of employees. Employees are welcome to participate in improvement and promotion of the Code of Conduct.